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Join me on this mouth watering food tour of Manhattan, where you will sample scrumptious food while enjoying the sites of Central Park. If you are a food enthusiast or living with celiac ~ coeliac disease, a gluten-free diet is 100% essential. Enjoy real food minus gluten additives that have become the norm in food preparation and production.

This tour is a must do as we take you to a selection of establishments that offer delicious gluten-free food. On our walk I will also point out notable landmark sites throughout Central Park. At the end of each tour I will direct you to other haven’s that you must visit during your stay for a yummy gluten free travel experience.

What To Expect


Stop At:   

Noglu, 100% gluten free patisserie. Here you will meet your tour guide and you will be offered coffee or tea and a savory food. Depending on what food is available on the day your choices will be a gluten free Croissant, Scone, Vegan Cake, Chocolate Eclair, Muffin, Brownie or a Cream puff with a tea or coffee. Duration: 25 minutes Admission Ticket Free

Stop At:   Alice in Wonderland Statue We make our way to Conservatory Water or better know as Central Park Model Boat Pond. We will pass Hans Christian Anderson bronze portrayal, reading from The Ugly Duckling with its main character at its feet. As we known it was in fact a swan and we will also pass by the famous Alice In Wonderland Tea Party held by the Mad Hatter sculpture. Donated in 1959 by George Delacorte in memory of his wife who often read Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland to their children. This sculpture has many little visitors daily; it is a must see. Delacorte also donated the musical clock in the Central Park Zoo. Duration: 30 minutes Admission Ticket Free

Pass By:   The Loeb As we make our way to Bethesda Terrace we pass by the historic Loeb Boathouse. This is the lake’s launch point for rowboats. Calvert Vaux, Central Park’s designer incorporated Victorian touches. Stop At:   Bethesda Fountain Bethesda Terrace, the most recognized area of Central Park. We can take in the Minton tile ceiling which opens up to the Bethesda Fountain. The Angel of Waters sculpture stands 26 feet high, created by Emma Stebbins, one of the first public art commissioned from a woman. It marks the 1842 Croton Aqueduct that brought fresh water from Westchester County into NYC. This was very important in ending the Cholera Epidemic. The Lily in her hand represents purity and the four figures at the base signify peace, health, purity and temperance. The Angel is modeled after stage actress Charlotte Cushman. We also stop by the Central Park lake and admire the turtles who have made this lake their home. Duration: 40 minutes Admission Ticket Free

Stop At:   Strawberry Fields, John Lennon Memorial Strawberry Fields was created to memorialize the Beatles songwriter and legend John Lennon whose life was sadly taken on the 8th of December 1980 from gunshot wounds from Mark David Chapman as he walked through the archway of his building. He was only 40 years old and had become a notable Peace Activist. His ashes are scattered here in Central Park so for many Beatles fans this is sacred ground. The “Image” mosaic feature was gifted by the city of Naples, Italy. Take a moment to enjoy this peaceful memorial amongst the American Elm trees. Duration: 15 minutes Admission Ticket Free

Stop At:   Central Park As we make our way out of Strawberry Fields we will pass the Cherry Hill Fountain. This fountain was originally created as a drinking fountain for horses. Today many birds take advantage of the flowing water and use it as their own bird bath, they also drink from one of the six cups on the fountain’s main stem. Also a popular photo destination. Duration: 7 minutes Admission Ticket Free

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Stop At:   Bow Bridge We will navigate our way over The Bow Bridge; this iconic bridge in Central Park has been the location of many marriage proposals and you may be already be familiar with its fame as it is also one of the most photographed bridges in Central Park. Also appearing in many movies. Duration: 15 minutes Admission Ticket Free

Stop At:   Belvedere Castle Belvedere Castle built on Vista Rock sitting 130 feet high, it is the second highest point in Central Park. In present day the main tower is our source of wind speed for weather reporting and just south of the castle the current weather station, an automated surface observing system (ASOS) is located. This is where New York collects meteorological data from this beautiful point so make sure to check the weather report on your visit. At the base of Belvedere Castle lies Turtle Pond, named for its inhabitants. Duration: 15 minutes Admission Ticket Free

Stop At:   Shakespeare Garden Shakespeare Garden is a beautiful four-acre space, planted with trees and flowers that were mentioned in William Shakespeares plays and poems. We make our way out of Central Park admiring the Swedish cottage, now home to Marionette Theatre, sadly still closed due to covid but it has delighted children since 1947. Duration: 15 minutes Admission Ticket Free

Stop At:   474 Columbus Ave We end our tour for a well deserved lunch at Thyme and Tonic or Modern Bread and Bagel; both are 100% gluten free. Cost of food is not included in the tour.

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Gluten Free Accommodation

100% Gluten Free

Mirage Park Resort

Göynük, Ahu Ünal Aysal Caddesi No:29, 07994 Kemer/Antalya, Türkiye


GF Kitchen

Göynük, Ahu Ünal Aysal Caddesi No:29, 07994 Kemer/Antalya, Türkiye

GF Hotel

The Inn Berlin

15 Harrison Ave, Berlin, MD 21811


inn copy

Ocean City MD Area


Inn on Randolph

411 Randolph St, Napa, CA 94559



Napa CA


Rose Cottage Bed and Breakfast (Gluten Free)

1585 Crookston Rd, Tweed, ON K0K 3J0, Canada



Ontario, Canada


Riverside Inn

372 NH-16A, Intervale, NH 03845



New Hampshire


Relais Borgo Gentile

Via dei tre colli SP 53 N. 8, Tarano RI, Italy



Italy – Gluten Free Hotel


Taubers Bio Vital Hotel

Strada Val Pusteria, 7, 39030 San Sigismondo BZ, Italy



Italy – Gluten Free Hotel


Villa La Madonna

Regione Madonna, 21, 14058 Monastero Bormida AT, Italy



Italy – Gluten Free Hotel


Stonecroft Guesthouse

Stonecroft Edale, Hope Valley S33 7ZA, United Kingdom



UK Gluten Free


Dežela Okusov

Eipprova ulica 11, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia



Google Map


Anamaya Resort

Anamaya Rd, Puntarenas Province, Costa Rica


Costa Rica

Costa Rica Central America – Gluten Free Hotel


Mirage Park Resort

Göynük Mahallesi, Ahu Ünal Aysal Caddesi No:29, 07994 Kemer/Antalya, Turkey


Fly into Antalya


100% Gluten Free Beer!

Warning Subject To Change By Supplier. 

Available In USA, Canada and One Beauty From Australia. 

Gluten Reduced Not Listed Only 100% GF ingredients

Ghostfish Brewing USA

Gluten Free Beer

Our vision is to be the leading supplier of dedicated gluten-free beer in North America. We desire to be the preferred gluten-free beer choice for retailers and consumers based on taste, quality, and value. We strive for sustainable yet moderate growth and annual profitability without compromising our core values.

Gluten Free Beer

Bierly Brewing USA

BierlyBrew Gluten Free Beer

At Bierly Brewing, we use the highest quality gluten free ingredients. Our gluten free beers are crafted especially for those intolerant to gluten, but are enjoyed by all of our customers – those with dietary restrictions and those without.

Glutenberg Canada and USA

Gluten Free Beer

Brew tasty and bold gluten-free beers in order to deliver a uniqueand unforgettable drinking experience. From our atypical ingredients to our unparalleled brewing methods, creativity is at the heart of all of our achievements.

Gluten Free Beer
100% Gluten Free Beer

Aurochs Brewing USA

Gluten Free Beer

We are passionate about brewing naturally gluten free beer. Beer brewed in a dedicated gluten free facility without ingredients that contain wheat, barley, or rye to guarantee our beers are all naturally gluten-free.

Gluten Free Beer

B C Brewery MD USA

bcbrewerymd Gluten Free Beer
bcbrewerymd Gluten Free Beer

Cold Crash Brewing USA

coldcrashbrewing Gluten Free Beer

After several successful small-scale batches of gluten-free beer, Erin and Robyn decided they wanted to share their craft with other beer lovers, whether gluten intolerant or not! In 2019, Cold Crash Brewing Co. was officially established.

coldcrashbrewing Gluten Free Beer

Red Leaf Gluten-Free Brewing USA

Gluten Free Beer

Vermont craft beer made entirely from naturally gluten-free grains and adjuncts like our homemade maple syrup and locally-picked berries. Tasting room at 105 Main St, Jeffersonville, VT.

Gluten Free Beer

Heathens Brewing Canada

Gluten Free Beer

Heathen’s Brewery is the only 100% dedicated gluten-free brewery in western Canada: that means the beer brewed has 0% chance of cross contamination, giving people who are Celiac and gluten intolerant a safe beer option. We want to go a step further than simply brewing great gluten-free beer: we want to to educate people about the disease and show them they can consume great beer that is gluten-free at the same time. 

Gluten Free Beer

Steadfast Beer USA


We brew a variety of beer styles that complement a wide range of foods, moods, situations and activities. As is printed on all of our cans, our beer is Gluten-Free, NOT gluten-removed or gluten-reduced; we only use Gluten-Free fermentable sugar sources: sorghum, rice, honey, molasses and oats and employ strict brewing, cleaning and ingredient storage practices to ensure that Steadfast products have zero risk of cross contamination.

Moon Shrimp Brewing USA

Gluten Free Beer
Gluten Free Beer

Dos Luces USA

Gluten Free Beer dosluces

While barley is highly regarded in the world of beer, corn is often disregarded as a brewing grain and even, at times, treated with disdain.  However, the history of brewing with corn goes back at least as far as that for barley, and is rooted right here in the Western Hemisphere.  At Dos Luces, we have explored the history behind some of the many styles of beer traditionally brewed with corn, and have embraced corn as our core grain.  The “Dos” Luces (Two Lights) represent our two core types of beer, a corn-based Chicha and a corn and maguey-based Pulque. 

Gluten Free Beer

Holidaily Brewing USA

Gluten Free Beer

The key to the deliciousness of our beer is high quality ingredients and knowledgeable employees. We use the finest locally sourced, malted, gluten-free grains as the base for our beers. All of our beers are also dairy-free and vegan with the exception of Honey Blonde. 

Holidaily Brewing – USA

Gluten Free Beer

Burn Bros Brew USA

Gluten Free Beer

At Burning Brothers, we believe the only way to brew great gluten-free beer is to make it in a dedicated gluten-free facility.  This means our beer is crafted using completely gluten-free grains, never containing wheat, barley or rye.  We don’t use special filters, enzymes or other gluten-free gimmicks.  Instead, we brew great-tasting beers that you KNOW are truly gluten-free.

Gluten Free Beer

Ground Breaker Grewing USA

Gluten Free Beer

Our approach to making great gluten free beer is a simple one: do not start with what you do not want. We start with ingredients that are naturally gluten free and craft them into great gluten free beers in our brewery. 

Ground Breaker Grewing – USA

Gluten Free Beer

Buck Wild Brewing USA

Beer 100% GF

Craft Beer For All

Buck Wild Brewing was born out of a passion to craft 100% gluten-free beers that taste exactly as great beer should. We brew with unique, gluten-free ingredients so that you can be confident in what you are drinking. We take tremendous pride in being California’s original gluten-free brewery located in Oakland, CA!

Buck Wild Brewing – USA

Beer 100% GF

Alt Brew USA

Gluten Free Beer AltBeer

At ALT Brew, we have a very simple mission: to make gluten free beer that tastes good. It is our belief that, despite what your body demands, quality beer should never be sacrificed.

Gluten Free Beer Alt Beer

Eckert Malting and Brewing USA

Eckert Malting & Brewing Gluten Free Beer
Gluten Free Beer

Evasion Brewing USA

Gluten Free Beer

With that heritage, Evasion Brewing was born with an understanding of precision and a desire for quality. Flavor is always our number one goal when crafting beers, and the fact they are all completely gluten free, brewed in a dedicated GF facility, is the arm-behind-the-back challenge we are proud to embrace and excited to explore.

Gluten Free Beer

Rolling Mill Brewing USA

Gluten Free Beer

Rolling Mill Brewing Company was founded out of a necessity for innovation and a passion for tradition. In 2012, co-founders Josh and Megan Laubach felt a conviction to find a way to brew outstanding beer that happened to be gluten-free. In 2011, Josh had been diagnosed with Celiac Disease, an autoimmune disorder that is triggered by the consumption of gluten. This prevented him from enjoying the growing variety of craft beer. The couple began devoting years of time and money to learning the craft and art of brewing.

Gluten Free Beer

Neff Brewing USA

Gluten Free Beer

We’re an award-winning brewery, crafting malts which are naturally gluten-free. We specialize in brewing with new types of artisan malts, creating delicious beers that are “Brewed For Everyone.

Gluten Free Beer

Two Bays Brewing Co Australia

Gluten Free Beer
Gluten Free Beer

On a strict gluten free diet, he couldn’t find the quality and variety of craft beer he’d fallen in love with in Australia. He feared he’d never do a tasting paddle with mates again. On a road trip through America a year ago, Richard discovered brewers making gluten free beer that was just as good – if not better – than the beers he remembered. Richard returned home inspired and launched TWØBAYS Brewing Co in 2017.

Europe – Spain – Mead


Made in Asturias with  natural ingredients , Las Xanas  Spring Water , 100% Spanish Honey and  No Preservatives or additives. 

 Shipments in 24/48H throughout the Peninsula.

It is also a GLUTEN FREE drink !


Why This App Exists?

We Created This App To Take The Worry Out Of Travel.

When Restaurants Offer Gluten Free Options On Their Menu There Is Always A Fear That The Preparation Area Or Kitchen Staff Will Make A Mistake And Potentially Ruin Your Vacation.

The Restaurants On This App Have Gone The Extra Mile To Ensure Safe Meals For The Celiac/Coeliac Disease Community And It Is Important That We Support Them So They Can Continue To Offer This Amazing Service. 

In Saying This, Their Commitment To Offering A Gluten Free Restaurant Is Not A Legal Contract With Our App And You Are Eating At Your Own Risk As You Would In Any Other Environment.App Extras

About Me

Sinead Canny White

Gluten Free Traveling Toon

Traveling Toon App (Nessa The Traveling Toon Doll) was created to assist celiac or coeliac disease suffers to connect with dedicated gluten free restaurants who have established a safe environment to dine. 

This app is amongst the first to list only 100% gluten free establishments. 

My mission is to continue to connect these amazing establishments with you and to help them thrive and survive while also helping you eat safely and continue to live healthy as we know this is not a lifestyle. 

Users appreciate that this app is free with no costly subscriptions that keep these amazing businesses under lock and key. 

Why I Created The Gluten Free Traveling Toon App!

When I first moved from Ireland to the United States, I did not encounter many people with Celiac Disease in the US at first. 

My goal was to travel and see as much of this beautiful country as possible. Working in restaurants allowed me to travel freely on a flexible schedule.  

It was through that restaurant work I encountered fellow celiacs. The relief on their faces when they found out that their server understood what that meant but sadly this was also followed by the sad reality of what was actually safe to eat from the menu. A lot of the food was breaded and fried, exactly how you crave it; amazing bar food but just not gluten free. 

At this point in New York we did not have 100% gluten free restaurants but we did have amazing restaurants that catered to gluten free and I must mention this was before gluten free became a dangerous fad. 

Once my fellow celiacs had finished their meals, I would share my recommendations of these restaurants on a napkin. Messy and not very organized.  At this point I had basic programming skills and thought I must put a website together so I can share theses finds more easily. 

I returned to college part time and developed more skills in this field which naturally benefited this app development. My website (now was launched in March 2011 and the App did not evolve until October 2019. 

My trademark logo was born from my travels. I started to use a dollar store trinket in my travel photos; a solar dancing flower. I asked my childhood friend Colette to put her artistic talents to work and reimagine this travel companion. Cut to Nessa the Traveling Toon, an Irish fairy with a twist and a life of her own. She (it) was trademarked approved in 2018 and the app was launched in December 2019. 

Health DNA Report

23 and Me Health Report

Purchase The Health Report Here

Good News If You Have Done 23 And Me And Opted For The Health Report You Can Find Out If It Is Genetically Possible For You To Be A Carrier Of The Celiac Gene And Also If You Have A Chance Of Developing It. 

Most Celiac Patients Have The HLA DQ2.5 Which Is Confirmed By SNP Rs2187668, Though This Gene Is Fairly Common Among Europeans So Again Having This Does Not Mean That You Have Celiac But It Is Possible You Could Develop It In Your Lifetime; Please Seek Medical Advice. 

Here Is How You Unlock Your Data And Find Out If You Could Possible Get Celiac Disease:

23andme copy

Step One: Log Into Your 23 And Me Account (You Must Be Signed In For The Link To Work).

Step Two: Go To Tools.

Step Three: Click On Raw Data And Activate It.

Now Lets Check Your Genes:

You Must Be Signed Into 23 And Me. 

Check Your 23andMe Link Rs2187668: (Most Celiacs Have This Gene In Combination With The Gene Below)

CC No Risk For Celiac Unless HLA DQ8 Check Below

CT One Allele For HLA DQ2.5  Celiac Disease Is Possible

TT Two Alleles For HLA DQ2.5  Celiac Disease Is Possible

Check Your 23andMe Link Rs7454108:

CC  Two Alleles For HLA DQ8 (Celiac Disease Is Possible)

CT  One Allele For HLA DQ8 (Celiac Disease Is Possible)

TT  Wildtype

Increased Risk Of Celiac Disease.

Check Your 23andMe Results For Rs601338:

AA  Increased Risk Of Celiac

AG No Increased Risk

GG No Increased Risk

Add On Notes If You Have Siblings:

They Have Found Genes That Will Tell You If Your Siblings Have A Higher Risk Of Also Developing The Disease.

 Link For 23 And Me Results For Rs1464510:

AA Increased Risk Of Celiac

AC Increased Risk Of Celiac

CC No Increased Risk

Link For 23 And Me 23andMe Results For Rs842647:

AA Increased Risk Of Celiac

AG Increased Risk Of Celiac

GG No Increased Risk

Link For 23andMe Results For Rs2816316:

AA Increased Risk Of Celiac

AC Increased Risk Of Celiac

What Is Celiac?

What Is Celiac Disease?

Warning  This is not medical advice.

Celiac disease is a digestive disease that damages the small intestine and interferes with the absorption of nutrients from food. When you have celiac disease you cannot tolerate gluten, which is a protein in wheat, rye and barley.

When gluten is consumed the immune system responds by damaging or destroying the Villi, tiny fingerlike protrusion lining the small intestine; this Villi allows nutrients from food to be absorbed through the walls of the small intestine into the bloodstream. Without healthy villi you will become malnourished.
Celiac disease is genetic; it runs in families and it can develop at birth or later in life.

What Are The Symptoms Of Celiac Disease?

Symptoms For Children Include:

Pale Foul Smelling Stool
Failure To Thrive
Delayed Growth

Adult Symptoms Include:

Brain Fog (Finding It Hard To Concentrate)
Joint Pain
Fatigue Due To Iron-Deficiency Anemia
Ataxia (Bad Balance)
Nerve Damage (Peripheral Neuropathy)
Early Onset Osteoporosis
Low Blood Sugar
Infertility Or Miscarriages
An Itchy Skin Rash Called Dermatitis Herpetiformis
Respiratory Problems
Muscle Cramping
Night Blindness
Hair Loss (Alopecia)
Canker Sores (Apthous Ulcers)

How Is Celiac Disease Diagnosed?

Blood Tests

A Doctor Will Test Blood For High Levels Of Anti-Tissue Transglutaminase Antibodies Or Anti-Endomysium Antibodies.  This Is Not Always The Best Way To Test And You May Come Back With A Negative Result For Celiac If You Have Already Removed Gluten From Your Diet.

Intestinal Biopsy

The Blood Test May Or May Not Suggest Celiac Disease. A Biopsy Of The Small Intestine Is Performed.

A Tiny Piece Of Tissue From The Small Intestine To Check For Damages To The Villi.



Untreated Celiac Disease Can Lead To Malabsorption, Which Then Leads To Malnutrition. Because Vital Nutrients Are Not Absorbed Into The Bloodstream, Malabsorption Can Cause A Deficiency In Vitamins And Minerals (Vitamin D, Folate And Iron), This Resulting In Anemia. Malnutrition Can Cause Stunted Growth And Delayed Development In Children.


The Continued Loss Of Vitamins May Result In A Softening Of The Bone In Children Which Could Lead To Rickets And Loss Of Bone Density.


Depression May Be Likned To The Malabsorption Of Nutrients. A Study Suggested That The Malabsorption Could Interfer With The Neurotransmitters That Determine Our Moods.

Irritability And Forgetfulness:

It Is Found That A Deficiency In Folic Acid Can Cause Increased Irritability And Forgetfulness.

Skin Conditions And Diseases:

Such As Dermatits Herpetiformis, Eczema And Psoriasis.

Lactose Intolerance:

When The Small Intestine Is Damaged From Gluten Some People Won’t Be Able To Tolerate Lactose, Which Is Found In Dairy Products. It Is Advised To Avoid These Products Until Your Intestine Has Been Healed By A Strict Gluten Free Diet Allowing The Intestine To Heal. Once It Has People May Find That The Dairy Products No Longer Affect Them In This Way.


Multisystem Disorder


People Who Go Untreated For Celiac Disease Are At A Higher Risk Of Getting Several Forms Of Cancer, Including Bowel Cancer And Intestinal Lymphoma.

Dental Enamel Defects:

Usually Occurs If Celiac Disease Is Present As The Teeth Are Forming, The Teeth May Appear To Have White Or Brown Spots On The Tooth Or In Some Cases Ridged And Malformed Teeth.

Raynaud’s Syndrome:

Caused By A Constriction Of The Blood Vessels In The Body Due To Cold Temperatures.

Neurological Complications:

This Disease Has Also Been Linked With The Disorders Of The Nervous System.

Autoimmune Disorders:

Celiac Disease Can Lead To A Number Of Disorders Such As

Addison’s Disease
Insulin Dependent Diabetes
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Thyroid Disease (Such As Hashimoto And Graves)
Sjogren’s Syndrome
Psoriasis,Aphthous Stomatitis
Multiple Sclerosis
Alopecia Areata, Virtigio
Autoimmune Liver Disease
Heart Disease

What Can You Eat On A Gluten Free Diet?

Look for gluten free labeling, if you are still having issues, these products may be manufactured in a shared facility. 

FDA allow 20 ppm of gluten in a gluten free labeled product, which can cause health issues.

See the FDA reasoning here: FDA

Search for gluten free products that are in a separate facility; reach out to the company via email to double check if you are unsure. 

Let’s Start With What You CANNOT EAT:

(Warning This Is Not Medical Advice) 

  • Wheat
  • Barley
  • Rye
  • Triticale

Education Is Key In Monitoring Your Diet. Apart From Gluten Been In Obvious Foods Like Bread Pasta And Beer. Gluten Can Be Hidden In Any Processed Foods:

Imitation Fish (E.g. Crab Meat)


Soy Sauce

French Fries

Hot Dogs

Cold Cuts

Potato Chips



Any Manufactured Foods, Always Check How Products Are Processed And If The Facility Is Shared With Gluten Containing Products.

Ingredients That Contain Gluten:
Abyssinian Atta Flour  Barley  Barley Grass Barley Hordeum Vulgare Malt Beer Bleached Flour Bran Brewers Yeast Bromated Flour Brown Flour Bulgar Wheat Cereal Binding Chilton Club Wheat Couscous Cracked Wheat Crisped Rice Dinkel Durum Durum Flour Einkorn Emmer Farina Farro Filler Graham Flour Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein Kamut Malt Malt Extract   Millet Oats   Phosphated   Flour Rusk   Rye   Semolina   Spelt Triticale

Now The Good News, A Few Examples On What You CAN EAT And Obviously In The Non-Processed Form:






Nuts (Watch For Cross-Contamination In Production)




Wine (WARNING Some Wines Are Not Gluten Free Contact Supplier).

Tequila (Made From Pure Blue Agave Plant).

Potato Vodka

Gin (Made From Potato)

Rum (Research Brands)

Cognac (Made From Grapes)

Gluten Free Beer (Gluten Removed Is Not Safe For Celiacs)

Cheat Sheet For Food And Their Benefits.

Vitamin A

Romaine Lettuce     Squash    Apricots   Bell Peppers (Green Best)   Broccoli   Cabbage Cantaloupe   Green Beans   Asparagus    Plums


Vitamin B

Sunflower Seeds (B1)   Watermelon (B6 B1)   Avocado (B6)   Bananas (B6)   Bell Peppers (B6 B1)   Black Beans (B1)   Cabbage (B6)   Cantaloupe (B6)   Carrots (B6 B1 B3)   Cauliflower (B6)   Halibut (B3)   Mushrooms Plums (B2)   Potatoes (B6)    Raspberries (B2)   Salmon (B12 B3)   Sardines (B12)   Scallops (B12)   Shrimp (B12)   Strawberries (B5)   Squash Yams (B6)


Vitamin C

Spinach   Strawberries   Yams   Sweet Potatoes   Turnip Greens   Watermelon   Celery   Cherries   Asparagus   Bell Peppers   Blueberries   Broccoli   Cabbage   Cantaloupe   Cauliflower   Green Beans   Lemons   Mangoes   Oranges   Papaya    Potatoes   Raspberries Romaine Lettuce


Vitamin D

Sardines   Shrimp


Vitamin E

Apricot   Asparagus   Sunflower Seeds   Turnip Greens


Vitamin K

Romaine Lettuce   Spinach   Soybeans   Avocado   Broccoli   Carrots   Cauliflower   Bell Peppers   Green Peas   Asparagus   Pumpkin Seeds


Iron And Absorption

Green Beans   Garlic   Kidney Beans   Leeks   Lentils   Plums   Quinoa   Sesame Seeds   Spinach   Asparagus   Soy Flour



Greek Yogurt   Lentils   Peanuts   Shrimp   Soy Flour   Soy Beans   Tofu   Tuna



Cabbage   Milk   Cheese   Figs   Flaxseeds   Greek Yogurt   Romaine Lettuce



Bananas Bell   Peppers   Broccoli   Cabbage   Cantaloupe   Green Beans   Kiwifruit   Onions Papaya



Onions   Papaya   Peanuts   Pinto Beans   Raspberries   Spinach   Strawberries   Turnip Greens   Chick Peas



Apples   Figs   Kiwifruit   Acocado   Beets   Black Beans   Cherries   Kidney Beans   Lentils   Lima Beans    Navy Beans   Peas   Pinto Beans   Raspberries   Strawberries   Soybeans Chick Peas


Healthy Digestion

Caraway Seeds Helps To Fight The Bad Bacteria In The Intestine And Allow The Good Bacteria To Digest Food. Also Good For Digestion Apples Bananas Black Beans Brussels Sprouts Papaya Pineapple


Immune System

Grapefruit   Celery   Mushrooms


Energy Food

Almonds   Asparagus   Avocado   Beef   Venison   Cod Fish   Corn   Green Peas   Tomatoes



Millet   Bananas   Eggs   Almonds   Salmon   Yogurt   Beef   Olive Oil


Osteoporosis Strong Bones And Joints

Onions   Tomatoes   Rasins   Spinach   Figs


Good Heart

Leeks Apricot   Buckwheat   Cherries   Green Beans   Halibut   Navy Beans   Olives   Onions   Oranges   Pinto Beans   Potatoes   Romaine Lettuce   Scallops   Sesame Seeds   Tuna Walnuts

Help Blood Sugar

Buckwheat (Make Sure GF Facility)  Avocado   Cauliflower   Cherries   Figs   Flaxseeds   Navy Beans   Squash   Yams


Brain Foods

Blueberries   Eggplant   Flaxseeds   Red Grapes   Halibut   Salmon


Healthy Eyes

Carrots   Plums   Raisins


Blood Pressure Health

Potatoes   Soybeans   Tuna


Minimize Hunger

Almonds   Apples   Apricots   Lentils   Sunflower Seeds


Low Cholesterol

Brussels   Sprouts   Navy Beans   Soybeans


Healthy Fats

Almonds   Avocado   Halibut   Olives   Salmon   Sardines   Scallops   Walnuts


Anti-Inflammatory Support

Beets Mushrooms   Strawberries   Spinach   Squash


Fend Off Free Radical Damage

Plums   Raisins   Walnuts   Apricots   Bell Peppers   Blackberries   Cantaloupe   Cashews   Cherries   Corn   Green Beans   Celery   Lemons


Cancer Fighters

Watermelon   Broccoli   Carrots   Kale   Mushrooms   Seaweed   Avocado   Grapefruit   Grapes   Lemons (Also Acts As An Antibiotic)   Raspberries   Tomatoes   Figs   Soy


Speed Up Your Metabolism

Hot Peppers   Brown Rice   Apples   Pears   Cayenne   Garlic   Cinnamon  Grapefruit   Green Tea


PMS Help

Low-Fat And Non-Fat Dairy Products  Broccoli And Kale To Increase Your Calcium Intake. For Magnesium Pumpkin Seeds Or Sunflower Seeds   Spinach Swiss Chard Wild Salmon Cashews Quinoa Potato With The Skin Soybeans Beans Peanuts Brown Rice Increase B6 Intake Of Chickpeas Wild Salmon Lean Beef  Chicken Breast White Potatoes With Skin Banana Pistachio Nuts And Lentils For Manganese Pineapple  Spinach Collard Greens Pecans Lima Beans Pumpkin Seeds Walnuts And Raspberries Drink Chamomile Tea As It Helps Relieve Muscle Spasms. It Also Relieves Tension.




Email Traveling Toon Here

Traveling Toon App was created to assist those whom live with celiac disease connect with dedicated gluten free restaurants. These establishments have created a safe environment to dine.  This app is amongst the first to list only 100% gluten free establishments.  While other bloggers and influencers promote gluten removed products and shared kitchens, this can be detrimental to those who live with this genetic disease.  Our mission is to continue to connect these amazing businesses with you and we are dedicated to helping celiac suffers live a healthy enjoyable life especially on your travels. Customers appreciate that this app is free, no costly subscriptions that keep these amazing businesses under lock and key.  We are dedicated to the quality of the information on this app. 

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