Dear friends, we’re reaching out to you all for help for our beloved Caroline.

On March 7th Caroline was complaining of pain in her back, the pain got progressively worse over the next few days, on March 10th Caroline went to the emergency department where numerous tests and scans were ran, as medical personnel were trying to find out the issue.

March 11th Caroline took a very bad turn, she had to be intubated and sedated, she was diagnosed with sepsis and strep pneumonia, two very serious conditions, and was given a 10% chance of survival.

Now, as we all know our Caroline, she’s very stubborn and fights back, and that’s exactly what she did, she fought the toughest fight of her life, and on March 22nd she was taken off the ventilator and woke up, beating the odds.

Caroline had to have surgery this past Thursday, March 30th, where surgeons had to remove approximately half of her right lung.

Caroline has a very long and tough road ahead, we’re asking for your help with medical costs and after care for our beloved friend, every little bit helps.

We really appreciate whatever it is you can donate.

Thank you all.